Metawave Media is a immersive transmedia company working beyond the normal field of view.  We consult and produce immersive hybrid media formats and properties bridging the virtual and physical worlds to make them more personal, collaborative and engaging.  

We bring immersive and augmented virtual world / simulation /serious game media  and format property design together for our partners, merging biometric, environmental monitoring sensors, wireless and kinetic energy sources for state of the art social ‘presence’ and adaptive media brand experiences. 

Our experience with interactive systems for commercial space, healthcare, energy, and environment partners is our main focus. Whether focusing on branded entertainment, training or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) we can help your organization.

We’re forging the boundary connections between real time situational awareness, entertainment and learning.  Since 2003 we’ve been developing a virtual location-based service around the emerging commercial space industry.  Astrolabe, augments and extends an extreme reality television format, and augmented virtual world, with an embedded co-viewing social network.

Recently worked on medical simulations, UAV’s systems, Artificial intelligent music engines, sports simulation training properties, eco-immersion property, clinical trial and mycological environment remediation and monitoring systems and virtual worlds systems to name a few.

We and our partners have spent years advising and applying design and technology into some of the most dynamic environments, from technology, research commercialization, e-commerce, online ISP’s, healthcare, education, aerospace and the music industry. If we can help you see the exciting future of immersive, augmented, situated, social spaces please contact us.